Set before 'An Unearthly Child'


 What if the First was not the first? In Illusionist Productions' first literary release, writer Seth Lukas Hynes has penned a volume of diverse, dramatic short fiction. We have hitherto presented the exploits of future Doctors, but Pre-Meds: A Multi-Doctor Season depicts the lives of three pre-Hartnell incarnations of the Doctor.

    In this alternate timeline, the three Doctors experience thrilling adventures, encounter elements of their own future and gradually discover the severe consequences of their own existence.

    Follow the -3rd Doctor (Habibi Favilla), a bright-eyed, enthusiastic youth who evades Weeping Angels, tinkers with the Big Bang and uncovers a shady scheme among the Sisterhood of Karn.

Then meet the -2nd Doctor (Matthew Hadgraft), a cynical yet inquisitive loner who explores a weirdly-altered 20th century and the minds of some seriously disturbed Ood.

Then wrap things up eclectically and explosively with the -1st Doctor (Samara Clark), an adventurous, plucky family lady who foils some confused battle mechs, presides over a distinctly prehistoric case in the Papal Mainframe and gets caught in a literal literary time-loop. 

Written by Seth Lukas Hynes 

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